Same Day Surgery

Same Day Surgery Patients, patients who will be discharged the same day, should report directly to the Same Day Surgery Unit. (Take the main lobby elevators to the fourth floor and proceed straight down the hallway to the Same Day Surgery Registration Area.)

Same Day Surgery Unit

You will stay in the same Day Surgery Unit until your scheduled surgery time. You will meet an anesthesiologist who will talk to you about the type of anesthesia you will have during your surgery. He or she will inquire about your general health and will examine you. At this time, you should inform him or her of any of your concerns or previous difficulties with anesthesia.

You will have an IV (intravenous fluids) started. This is used to replace body fluids lost during surgery and to administer medications.

If ordered by your surgeon, your surgical site will be scrubbed with a special cleanser that reduces the number of germs on the skin's surface. Hair may also be removed.