What it means to be FOCUSED

The FOCUSED Standards of Performance are the codes of behavior that clearly communicate the way every employee, physician and volunteer acts when approaching patients, visitors or fellow co-workers.  They give our organization clear direction and empower our employees to take ownership for behaviors that demonstrate cultural excellence.

The FOCUSED standards were created from input from staff, patients and hospital leadership and reinforce our initiative's tagline, We are focused on you.


  • Smiles consistently and makes eye contact
  • Approachable


  • Personally escorts
  • Doesn't blame others
  • Pays attention to personal environment


  • Follows through
  • Respects confidentiality


  • Coordinates well with colleagues
  • Works as a team 


  • Proactive responsiveness
  • Informs about delays


  • Reduces anxiety
  • Listens to and addresses concerns with compassion
  • Cares about patients, not just for them

Devoted & Respectful

  • Engaging
  • Always respectful
  • Helps patients protect their privacy