The term HOSPITALISTS refers to physicians (although occasionally nurse practitioners or physician assistants) whose practice emphasizes providing care for hospitalized patients.

The hospitalist is usually the attending physician who is responsible for coordinating your care in the hospital – ordering tests, therapy and social worker evaluations, and requesting consultations with specialists. They communicate with your primary care provider (PCP) and family members and serve as the point of contact for our team of nurses, care managers, social workers, pharmacy staff, nutrition staff, and therapists. They answer questions, provide updates, and form your plan of care while you remain an inpatient at UPMC Pinnacle Hanover. When you are ready for discharge, they transfer your care back to your PCP and/or specialist. Your visit is ends with a discharge summary that is shared with your PCP, and you receive a Summary of Care Record.

There are many advantages to a hospitalist’s care while you are in the hospital:
1. They are available most of the day in the hospital to meet with family members, follow up on tests and answer nurses’ questions. Hospitalists can also monitor your progress much more easily than physicians who are not hospital-based.
2. For the complex patient with multiple medical problems or the person in the intensive care unit, the ability to have a hospitalist immediately available can be reassuring to the nursing staff and often can result in quicker responses to emergent issues.
3. Since UPMC Pinnacle Hanover hospitalists’ “practice” is the hospital and they are familiar with the hospital’s policies and procedures, hospitalists are involved in various hospital committees and assist in improving important areas such as patient safety, quality, communication between physicians and staff, and patient satisfaction.

Your care is being provided by a member of our hospitalist team. Though the hospitalist may not know the details of your history as well as your PCP, their goal is to provide you with high quality and efficient services as quickly as possible and return you to the care of your own physician. Be confident that quality and efficient care is being provided, and that upon discharge, the hospitalist and our team will transition you back to the care of your PCP.

You may have more than one physician caring for you during your stay with us.