The ICU Team from ICU is our FOCUSED Award winner for July 2018. Congratulations!

The ICU Team was nominated by an employee whose mother was a patient, and was “caught” role modeling ALL of the Standards of Performance.


My mother was admitted to [ICU in May]. She was there [about one week]. She was indeed critically ill. On Sunday, she was placed on a ventilator at 4:30 am. I arrived at the hospital by 6:30 a.m. and stayed there for 8 hours. The staff and her nurse, Kevin Snyder, meticulously cared for her every need. The entire staff in [ICU] worked together like a finely tuned machine. Sometimes there were 3 nurses and a doctor, together in her room. It was truly amazing watching their efforts, as a team, to provide professional, friendly, empathetic care. They communicated to me and my mother everything that they were doing; what medicine they were giving her, how long it would take. Every time they touched her they prepared her for whatever they were going to do. They continually asked me questions to help them understand her so they could pin point her needs. Each staff member took extra effort to provide dignity and respect for her treatment, directing me and my sisters out of the room and into the waiting area when personal care was required. The staff constantly communicated to each other, what has been done and when needs to be done. The staff was concerned about me and my sisters, asking us if we needed anything.

The staff, including all of the doctors, truly were empathetic, compassionate, and professional. They learned their skills very well, but empathy and kindness and caring comes from the heart and soul. Their treatment for my mother was comforting. I wish to nominate the ICU department for the care they provided for my mother. They exhibited patience during her entire stay. The staff and all of the doctors caring for her at the time, deserve recognition. I witnessed the EPITOME of 'team'. They helped her, and she continues to recover at the Brethren Home. Thank you ICU. God bless.

~ K.R., employee and patient family member

FOCUSED Award Nominees for the month of July

  • Bobbi Jo Hogue - ED
  • Lisa Gaumer & Sam Brown - Communications
  • Terri Ring – Nursing Administration
  • Dr. James Dicke – HMG Endocrinology
  • Michelle Smith – HMG Endocrinology
  • Rita Smart-Kubala – Maternity
  • Katie Miller – Maternity
  • Mary Miller – Maternity
  • Mark Hevener – ED
  • Renee Reese – M4
  • Dr. Ikbal Vahora – Hospitalist
  • Dr. Matthew Montgomery (General Surgeon)
  • Traci Kuhl – Lab
  • Michelle DeHaas – ED
  • Dr. Luciene Borowik – HMG Hillside
  • Christie Griffis – HMG Hillside
  • Donnie Hockensmith – Facilities
  • Liz Hodum – PM&R
  • Jen Wisner – HMG Hanover
  • Lab staff

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