Amanda Myers from PCU is our FOCUSED Award winner for November 2017. Congratulations!

Amanda was nominated by Valerie Bogdan, a float pool RN, and was “caught” role modeling the Friendly, United, and Empathetic Standards of Performance.


"Amanda has recently stepped into the charge nurse role and has consistently been a leader and team player. Recently on PCU, we had a female patient who suffered from a stroke. 5 days later, the patient's husband also suffered from a stroke. He was admitted to the same floor, just a few rooms down. The couple, married for 65 years, had multiple family members and children visiting throughout this particular day. Amanda went above and beyond as charge nurse, as she switched his room to a larger room so his wife and family could all be together during this scary time. The couple ate dinner together, held hands, laughed and cried. Had it not been for Amanda's empathetic attitude, the patients' family may not have had the opportunity to unite. Amanda is an exceptional nurse and deserves to be recognized for her compassionate care."

~ Valerie Bogdan, Float Pool

FOCUSED Award Nominees for the month of November

  • Monica Salisbury, Lab – honorable mention
  • Mike Fitchet, EVS; Tanya Lynne, CDU; and Dirk Hough, Safety & Security – honorable mention
  • Jeff Vail, CDU
  • Julia Hockensmith, Food Service
  • Sis Dick, Food Service
  • Steve Lawrence and Clark Smith, MIS
  • Bo Louey, HMG Urology
  • Dr. Ralph Dickson

Honorable mention nominations:

"I would like to nominate Monica [Salisbury] for being an all star. She became the lab supervisor in March and has already made many big changes. She is an outstanding role model. Every single morning she makes her way around the lab. She tells all of her employees good morning. She asks how they are and then follows up with a compliment. This woman could be having the worst day of her life and you would never know. If I ever decide to go to a casino, I am taking her with me. Her poker face is no joke. Monica has made it her personal mission to improve Lab procedures in order to create a healthy work flow and a positive environment for everyone.

Monica is very trustworthy. Her lips are sealed tighter than a pickle jar. She has a don't ask don't tell policy. "If it doesn't pertain to you, don't ask. If it's not your business, don't tell." I admire this quality the most about her.

She is a huge team player. If something is bothering you, she shows genuine concern. Anything that is brought to her attention is always resolved.

To give a good example of ownership, we had a patient come in for a blood draw. After the patient left, the blood was sent up to processing. Monica called about 10 minutes later to tell me there was an accident. She needed me to send her the patient's lab request right away so she could call the patient back and apologize. She was handling the specimen and the tube got broken in her care. She took responsibility of her actions and she owned it!

Like I said before, Monica is an awesome role model. I value her as a person. UPMC Pinnacle Hanover made an awesome decision to promote her! The lab wouldn't be the same without her."

~ Serenda Garrett, Lab

"A concern was received from a patient regarding his missing cell phone. When he was brought to PCU from the ED, he realized that he left it on the ED stretcher. A search was done during the night shift, but the phone was not found. Patient was very upset the next day, stating that his life and work are on that phone, and voiced his concern to Tanya Lynne during testing in Cardiac Services. Tanya called Mike Fitchet in EVS to see if a more thorough search through laundry could be done. (Patient checked location of phone and noted that it was in "Hanover Hospital.") Mike called Dirk [Hough] from Safety & Security, who came with a metal wand, and the three of them dumped countless bags of linen onto the floor, searching for the phone. The phone was eventually found hours later in a linen hamper from an ED bag and was returned to the patient. This is a great example of three different departments coming together to 'own' a situation that wasn't even 'theirs!' Great job!"

~ Rhonda Ramos, Patient Experience Manager

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