Kevin Maloney from Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is our FOCUSED Award winner for September 2018. Congratulations!

Kevin was nominated twice by Jennifer Rorick at Cherry Tree Rehab, as well as the staff at Pediatric Specialty Therapy, and was “caught” role modeling ALL of the Standards of Performance.


"We, the staff of Pediatric Specialty Therapy, would like to express why we believe Kevin is deserving of the FOCUSED Award. He has always been a welcoming and friendly face in Pediatric Specialty Therapy, greeting every child he sees, and going out of his way to greet every available staff member, whenever he enters the building. Pediatric patients know Mr. Kevin by name, and he always remembers them, never failing to mention some bit of information they previously communicated to him. He is genuine and sincere when personally responding to every patient and parent who speak to him, which children immediately recognize.

He is helpful to patients, their parents, and staff alike, never giving the impression that he doesn’t have time to listen or to follow through with questions or concerns. He is willing to do whatever it takes to help others, even if it is well outside his duties as a department director. Nothing is too small of a concern for him to be personally involved, yet never in an obtrusive manner. He follows through with every concern brought to him, and yet always respects an individual’s privacy. He does everything he can to maintain open communication and support, for each member of his staff and for all of our patients and parents.

His enthusiastic support as our Champion of Pediatric Specialty Therapy, as well as each of his departments in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, has been beyond measure. He is, and always has been, a visionary and advocate for all of PM&R; clearing the field for us to grow individually and as a group; and enthusiastically and publicly promoting, supporting, protecting, and defending his people in PM&R, as well as the patients/parents we serve. With the unbelievably difficult transition now underway in his department, his support and dedication have been completely unfailing and remarkably tireless. Mere words are insufficient, and our vocabulary inadequate, to express our devotion to a director who has always done, and continues to do, so much for our patients, so much for us all."

~ Pediatric Specialty Therapy Staff

"I would like to nominate Kevin Maloney for the FOCUSED award. For all of us at the Rehab Centers, he has been consistently FOCUSED on us his team, as he would call us, the services the department provides, and our patients, as our Director. We will be Select Medical very soon. With that there are some of us, including myself, that are not going to be continuing with the change, and Kevin as well is not included in this change. He has gone above an beyond to be comforting, helpful, communicative with us all, Service oriented in that he has never voiced a negative opinion, despite being unsure of his own future, to our patients or to any of us, trying to keep us all united for each other...He has been as devoted to us as we have been devoted to him in our services to others...He always says a happy hello to any patients that may be about. He's just a really awesome person, has been an awesome director/boss for the [UPMC Pinnacle Hanover] community!"

~ Jennifer Rorick, Cherry Tree Rehab

FOCUSED Award Nominees for the month of September

  • David Smith – IV Therapy (honorable mention)
  • Kellie Longo – HMG McSherrystown (honorable mention)
  • Christine Bowden – HMG South Hanover
  • Christine Koontz – Food & Nutrition Services
  • Cinthia Acosta – HMG Spring Grove
  • Fred Gross - Lab
  • Hannah Huss – Lung & Sleep Center
  • Tracy Crook, Natalie Gibson, Heather Samples – HMG Quality & Care Coordination
  • Katlyn Brummet & Lynelle Hess – Maternity
  • Melissa Fink – HMG South Hanover
  • Traci Kuhl - Lab

Honorable mention nominations:

"I would like to nominate David Smith for the FOCUSED award for his dedication to the IV therapy department. IV therapy has been working short recently and the team has done a great job supporting on another. One particular day looked "calm" so I let one IV therapist work alone. Suddenly 4 PICC requests came in at once and chemo needed to be done. We were in a bind. I called Dave on his day off and asked for help. He was out with his wife and dropped what he was doing to help us. His wife left him at the hospital, I gave him scrubs, and he helped until the work was done. This is extra special because Dave had already signed up to help on Friday so this day was his only day off this week. I am so grateful for his service to our department and willingness to help."

~ Dawn Osterling, IV Therapy

"I would like to nominate Kellie Longo for the FOCUSED award. This past week, I had a patient come to our office for a pre-op clearance. The patient was checked in [and] when I was taking her back to the exam room, she appeared visibly upset and worried. She proceeded to dsicuss that her husband was scheduled for a procedure in two days and was told he would not be able to have it done. The husband is also a patient in our office. The specialist office called the patient and state "that all the necessary paperwork needed for the procedure was not faxed to their office." She was so concerned for her husband, the patient was in tears and could not relax for her own appointment.

Kellie, who is front office staff, overheard the patient and immediately came to the patient and her husband with care and concern. She reassured them both that she would follow up on this. It was obvious the husband was in pain, and Kellie again reassured him this would be taken care of.

The wife was extremely happy that this problem was being taken care of and was able to settle down and relax for her own appointment. Kellie is always a team player, and because she personally stepped in to assist the patient, I was able to prepare the patient to see the physician in a timely manner.

Kellie went to work checking the chart to see how to resolve the problem that was holding up the procedure. She made a phone call to the specialist office to see what was needed. Then she was proactive and called [another] office and made sure all the correct paperwork was faxed to the specialist.

Before the patient and her husband left the office, the problem was resolved. Kellie personally reassured the patient and her husband that she had taken care of the problem and he was set for his procedure in two days. The couple was extremely satisfied with their appointment and the service they received that day. Kellie's role model behavior exemplifies all of the standards of performance required to be a FOCUSED Award winner."

~ Anita Zeigler, HMG McSherrystown Family Practice

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