Quality & Safety

UPMC Pinnacle Hanover's meticulous pursuit of exceptional medicine springs from our mission, values, and commitment to provide healing and compassionate care to the patients and families in the community we serve.

We have made a major commitment to cultural transformation by becoming a continuously improving organization. For example, UPMC Pinnacle Hanover annually involves more than 80 staff, physicians, management, and Board members in cooperative planning toward performance improvement. This type of planning is ongoing and continues to move us toward greater accessibility, integration, safety, patient-centeredness, efficiency, and evidence-based care.

Our quality journey has as its underpinnings several key messages:

  • We are a learning organization, continually seeking new ways to develop and enable our caregivers to offer the safe, effective, timely, efficient, evidence- and outcome-based care our patients deserve.
  • We innovate to achieve superior clinical and operational outcomes for our patients.
  • We are committed to the principles of continuous performance improvement across hospital operations.

A key to innovation, improvement, and continuous learning is transparency about results. By "transparency," we mean that if we are open and honest about our performance - where we are now and where we would like to be - we are more likely to achieve success. Providers of care and those who receive care deserve to know how we're doing - because it's the right thing to do, and because that is how we learn and improve. To see how we are doing, check out How We Compare tab in the column on the left.