Medical Minute - Medical Fitness Center

Posted Date: 12/25/2016

'Medical Minute' - broadcasting on WGTY and WYCR. In this week's edition, learn about the Hanover Hospital Medical Fitness Center.

It's the new year... time for a resolution to make the coming year better than the last. Here's a suggestion: join the Hanover Hospital Medical Fitness Center. Kick off the year with a program designed to promote health and fitness to individuals with medical conditions as well as those seeking general conditioning. From teens to seniors, the Center provides individualized, medically-supervised, exercise and nutrition programs. Conveniently located in the Hillside Medical Center, our primary goal is to assist members in reducing the occurrence and severity of chronic conditions by formulating a personalized healthy lifestyle action plan. A physician's referral is required to start a program at the Medical Fitness Center. For additional information call 717-316-3488 or visit

Hanover Hospital - at the heart of good health!