Community Health Needs Assessment

The Adams and York County Community Health Needs Assessment was performed on behalf of Healthy York County Coalition, Healthy Adams County and key community partners by the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College. The assessment uses information from primary and secondary sources to identify health issues and the consequences to the community.

There are multiple influences and barriers that effect the health of a community population, including the mortality and morbidity of specific diseases, prevalence of conditions, attitudes and behaviors present within our local community. Identifying, documenting, and addressing these multiple influences and barriers are necessary to improving the population's health.

The data presented in the 2018 assessment emphasizes the undeniable interaction that exists between individual characteristics and environmental context that drive health behaviors. For example, efforts to educate people on the importance of exercise will do little to change behaviors if people lack safe, affordable, and accessible places to exercise. This resource can be used to address multiple factors impacting health through screenings, education and policy interventions.

Based on what we have learned from recent Community Health Needs Assessments, UPMC Pinnacle Hanover created a community health improvement plan. The initiatives we are putting in place address the outcomes of the assessment and our partners. 

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